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Our main office and plant are located in Conshohocken which is an Indian name meaning “Peaceful Valley”. We are about a mile from Rebel Hill where General George Washington posted his first line of sentries while encamped at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War. Powder for Washington’s Army was manufactured in primitive mills which used the water power of a creek which flowed by our plant.

Our business was started in the spring of 1943 and we were incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1945. We moved from Philadelphia to West Conshohocken in February 1956 and to Conshohocken in 1980.

We manufacture quality packaging equipment in three differently styled machines: Standard, Vertical and Horizontal doing practically any packaging application in the flexible pouch type packaging field. The equipment produces a four sided sealed package for hardware, soft goods, liquids, food products, pharmaceuticals, free flowing granulars, medical peel-apart packages, assemblies and kits. The machine speed is limited only by the characteristics of the roll stock and ability to feed.

The equipment is especially suited for producing MIL SPEC. bags required for Aerospace and Military packaging .

To lower your packaging and handling costs or for more information on our equipment please contact us directly .

61 S. Reed Rd. , Suite 300
Royersford, PA. 19468

Phone: 610-864-6639         Email: info@PakRapid.com

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